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Thursday, April 07, 2011

#darts PDSL Summer 2011 Season

All details for participating in the PDSL Summer 2011 Season can now be found on the website - CLICK HERE


Application Deadline:
May 21, 2011

Season Begins:
Week of June 5, 2011

Season Duration:
Brackets will play a 7-week regular season with two weeks set aside at the end for makeup matches, followed by a 1-day playoff event (dates and times to be announced)

Bracket Requirements:
Brackets should consist of 8 players who will play seven matches (1 match against each opponent). Brackets may have 6 or 7 players and have 1 or 2 “byes” if 8 players are not available. One player must be designated “Bracket Representative” and be responsible for managing the bracket, submitting forms and fees, and entering match results on the league website. This person should have a functioning email address and Internet access.

Player Fee:
Each player pays a $10 non-refundable entry fee which will be used for league expenses and awards.

All matches must be played at a pub, lodge or other licensed establishment with a minimum of 2 regulation boards. However, please note that no sponsor fee is required for the summer season.
Vice President, DoubleCork, Inc.
Pro Developmental Singles League (PDSL)

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