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Saturday, April 02, 2011

4/2/11 #darts MLD "Local" Ventura Highway Shootout $1,260

The MLD "Local" Ventura Highway Shootout was well received and enjoyed. Some of the comments were:
"... enjoyed the match, it's not often you get the chance play long format darts."

"It was fun got to shoot against strong talent in this format! When's the next event?"

"This format should be tried for 'B' and 'C' division players just less total legs!"

Some observations:
- Most matches were very even with a few standout players really showcasing their talents.
- For several players this was truly a test of stamina as they were unaccustomed to playing 5 legs in round robin singles and best of 11 legs in the knock out bracket.
- All players took the chalking responsibilities seriously, and players reported for their matches in a timely manner.
- Many players are looking forward to the West Coast Tour Stop, and several want to have another MLD Local event in this area.

Consolation Match saw Jose Bolonia win 3-1 over Curtis Pierpont
J. Bolonia $65
C. Pierpont $35

Championship round saw strong matches:
Joe Jordan 6-3 Dan Daugherty
Robert Dixon 3-6 Howard Meyers
losers take home $85.00

Joe Jordan 0-6 Howard Meyers
Winner: $190.00
2nd: 130.00

Highlights Howard threw 3 180's during the finals to make a total of 6 - 180's for the day. Howard had high outs of 90, 88 and 74 during the finals and a 12 dart and two 15 dart legs.

other 180s for the day:
Joe Jordan 180 x 4
Robert Dixion 180 x 2
Dan Daugherty 180 x 2
Jose Belonio 180

We would like to say thanks to all who participated in the event and would like to let everyone know that two more local MLD events for this year are in the planning stages.

Please post any question or comments. If you would like to host an event of your own contact
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