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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Premier League #darts Week Eight March 31 - C.I.A., Cardiff - Adrian Lewis v Mark Webster

leg 1
Lewis to throw first
low scoring in this leg...
Webster puts on pressure, but Lewis holds on to the leg
Lewis 1-0

leg 2
erratic scoring from both for the second leg
Webster wants 97 and leaves 24
Lewis wants 127 and leaves 28
no score for Webster
Lewis wants 28, s 14, s7, s7 no score
Webster double trouble hes missed 7 at a double
Lewis back to take the leg.
Lewis 2-0

leg 3
Lewis scoring well enough to have first look at a double.
Lewis wants 114 and leaves 20
Webster wants 80 and leaves 20 8 missed doubles so far.
Lewis back to take it.
Lewis 3-0

leg 4
Lewis has taken the scoring advantage and takes out the 128 to take the leg
Lewis 4-0

leg 5
Lewis is scoring well and Webster is not able to consistently find his targets.
Lewis wants 84 with Webster on 246...
Lewis closes it out
Lewis 5-0

leg 6
Lewis 180 leaves 65 and put pressure on Webster, Webster leaves 15
Lewis back to take the leg.
Lewis 6-0

leg 7
Lewis to throw first
first 6 darts are not good scoring by both players
Lewis picks up his scoring in the next 6 and needs 80 and gets it
Lewis 7-0

leg 8
Webster 180, 100, 60, 99, wants 62 and gets it!
Lewis 45, 180, 44, 188
Webster gets on the board.
Lewis 7-1

leg 9
strong scoring from both in this leg Webster wants 121 and leave 64
Lewis wants 28 and gets it.
Lewis 8-1

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