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Thursday, March 24, 2011

#darts Mark Webster v Simon Whitlock wk 7 Premier League

leg 1
Webster to throw first.
Webster starting slowly and Whitlock will see the double first, but can't hit it. Webby will have a shot... he misses, and Whitlock is back to take it against the throw.
Whitlock 1-0

leg 2
Whitlock scoring well to start the leg, but Webby is holding on and keeping it close, but Whitlock takes out 140 to hold his throw.
Whitlock 2-0

leg 3
Whitlock seems to have hit his stride 180 leaves him on 238.
Whitlock from 180 leaves 80, but Webby wants 40 and gets it.
Whitlock 2-1

leg 4
Erratic scoring in this leg with highs and lows, but Whitlock takes out 120 with Webby waiting on 152.
Whitlock 3-1

leg 5
Strong scoring by both in this leg. Webster leaves 137, and Whitlock takes a shot at 170 and leaves 80. Webby leaves 44, but Whitlock is back to take the leg against the throw.
Whitlock 4-1

leg 6
Whitlock trhowing well 180 leaves him 297 and he keeps the scoring advantage. 180 by Webby leaves 40 Whitlock leaves 5. Webby has 3 at top and does not score. Whitlock d1, s1, d1 to take the leg and a lead into the break.
Whitlock 5-1

leg 7
Whitlock has not lost his edge during the break. 180 leaves him 41, he leaves 32 and comes back to take it in 13 darts against the throw.
Whitlock 6-1

leg 8
Whitlock scoring well and holding a clear advantage and will see the double first, but leaves 25
Webby wants 119 leaves 75, but Whitlock is back to finish it.
Whitlock 7-1

leg 9
Webster scored well and got to the double first and took the leg.
Whitlock 7-2

leg 10
Webster just not finding the mark in this leg and Whitlock holds on to take the match.
Whitlock 8-2

I had truly expected better from Webster in this match, I had predicted Whitlock 8-6, but Webby just could not match Whitlocks fire power and big finishes. On the other had it was good to see Whitlock playing well. I'm thinking that Webby is experiencing the same sort of slump that Jalle Klassen experienced when he got into the Premier League... I suspect he will come into his own and show us some quality darts.,,10180,00.html

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