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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Premier League #darts Week Eight March 31 - C.I.A., Cardiff - James Wade v Gary Anderson

leg 1
Wade throws firstAnderson is scoring well and will see the double first
Anderson leaves 40
Wade wants 164 leaves 66
Anderson leaves 20
Wade takes out the 66
Wade 1-0

leg 2
Anderson takes the leg
level 1-1

leg 3
Anderson had a shot at d12 to finish the 141, but hit the single 9 and Wade is back to take out 102 to take the leg
Wade 2-1

leg 4
in a close leg Anderson takes it
level 2-2

leg 5
180 by both in this leg, but Wade has a look a 96 with Anderson on 130 Wade leaves 18
Anderson leaves 72
Wade leaves 8
Anderson finishes it.
Anderson 3-2

leg 6
Wade under pressure for this one and takes the leg.
at the break it's all level 3-3

leg 7
Wade throws first:
Wade is scoring well needs 66 and leaves 16, Anderson steps up to finish 44 and take the leg
Anderson 4-3

leg 8
Wade steals the leg to break back
level 4-4

leg 9
100 or better is the scoring for each in this leg until setting up for the double.
Anderson had first shot at a double, but missed and Wade is back to take it.
Wade 5-4

leg 10
Wade had chances to hit the double first and missed, Anderson had a chance to finish 92 but double trouble, Wade misses, Anderson back to take it.
level 5-5

leg 10
avg so far:
Wade 93
Anderson 98
double trouble for both at the end of this leg, but Wade finds it first.
Wade 6-5

leg 11
Anderson holding his scorning advantage despite a 180 by Wade
Anderson wants 20 with Wade on 160, and Anderson hits it
level 6-6

sorry had a system crash, but Anderson takes the match 8-6

details at:,,10180~2294625,00.html

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