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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Raymond van Barneveld v Mark Webster wk6 premier league #darts

Leg 1
Barney to throw first. Barney scoring well, but has some double trouble that allows Webster to apply some pressure, but Barney was able to find the mark and take the leg.
Barney 1-0

Leg 2
Barney's strong scoring continues to put pressure on Webster's finish. Webster holds on to take the leg
level 1-1

leg 3
Barney continues to score well and takes the leg needing only one dart at the double in this leg.
Barney 2-1

leg 4
Webster takes out 120 for his second 100 or above finish to take the leg.
level 2-2

leg 5
Barney takes out 121 to take the leg.
Barney 3-2

leg 6
Avg so far:
Barney 104
Webster 97
Barney takes out the 161 finish to take the leg against the throw.
Barney 4-2

leg 7
Barney comes out of the break scoring well and should have first look at a double. Barney wants 116 and hits t20, s20, d16.
Barney 5-2

leg 8
Webster is able to score well enough to take the leg.
Barney 5-3

leg 9
Barney has slowed down on his scoring in this leg and Webster is just ahead in scoring, but Barney comes back with a 180 to leave 54. Barney holds his throw.
Barney 6-3

leg 10
Webster 180, 140, 134,
Barney 180, 60, 93,
Webster finishes the 47 for the leg.
Barney 6-4

leg 11
Webster wants 128 to steal the leg but leaves 25...
Barney back to hit the d18 with his 2nd dart.
Barney 7-4

leg 12
Barney scores well and steal the advantage and takes the leg for for the match.
Barney 8-4

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