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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gary Anderson v Adrian Lewis Premier League #darts week 6 Simon

Leg 1
Anderson to throw first, and is getting all of the crowd support. Lewis is getting all of the boos from the crowd on his every score. Both of these players are throwing quickly so it's funny to hear the crowd go back and forth between boos and cheers quickly. This is a 21 dart leg for both and Anderson takes it in 22.
Anderson 1-0

leg 2
Anderson 180, 140, 140, leaves 41
Lewis 125, 95, 100
Anderson takes the leg against the throw.
Anderson 2-0

leg 3
Anderson 140, 140, 60, 40,
Lewis 81, Lewis is clearly put off by the crowd's boos and jeers.
Both player's scoring has tailed off at the end of this leg.
Anderson holds his throw.
Anderson 3-0

leg 4
Anderson scoring well in this one, and Lewis is clearly struggling but stays just close enough to take the leg with a 111 finish.
Anderson 3-1

leg 5
Anderson 180 leaves 266
Lewis leaves 261,
Anderson leaves 25
Lewis leaves 84
Lewis takes out the 84 on the bull.
Anderson 3-2

Leg 6
Lewis has a 180 that helps him take the leg.
Level 3-3

leg 7
Lewis 180 to start the leg, but Anderson keeps up the scoring pressure.
Lewis wants 80 leaves 20
Anderson wants 78 leaves 20
Lewis takes the leg.
Lewis 4-3

leg 8
Anderson's 180 leaves 261, 100 leaves 161, Anderson leaves 56 and now 40, and now leaves 20 and Lewis goes on to take the leg for his 5th straight leg.
Lewis 5-3

Leg 9
The crowd is really working against Lewis here and it seems to be bothering Anderson as well. It appears that the crowd is throw things on the stage during Lewis' throw. Anderson appears very put off by this.
Anderson misses 3 at Tops and Lewis takes the leg.
Lewis 6-3

Leg 10
Lewis holds on to take the leg.
Lewis 7-3

Leg 11
Lewis takes the leg and the match. Lewis won 8 straight legs to take this, but it appears that Anderson gave up after the crowd threw things on the stage during Lewis' throw. The commentators say that the crowd threw coins and beer at Lewis during his throw.
Lewis 8-3
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