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Monday, March 28, 2011

#darts interview from Global Darts: Bernd Roith

The German dart player from Tübingen in the South of German till last summer was more or less unknown though he already took part for some time at the tournaments of the PDC Europe and already had won against several well-known PDC players. But though he's got over 20 years of experience playing steel-darts he never played DDV tournaments and so never really attracted attention despite being able to keep up with the better known German top dart players.

In summer 2010 this changed all of a sudden when he qualified over the PDC European Order of Merit for the European Championship 2010. He for many rather surprisingly won his first round match against Denis Ovens. He was the first ever German dart player to reach the second round this PDC Major Event.
By this he almost was qualified for the PDC World Championship in 2011 and he drove it home during the PDC Players Championship weekend in Bad Nauheim in autumn. He met Dennis Priestley in the first round at the Ally Pally, to be sure a head scratcher for a debutant, and he failed.
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