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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Premier League #darts week 6 Simon Whitlock v Phil Taylor

Leg 1
Whitlock to throw first, and stars out strong and should see the double first, but a 180 by Taylor leves 81 with Whitlock on 200 Whitlock leaves 100. Taylor finish 81 on the bull against the throw.
Taylor 1-0

leg 2
Whitlock scores well and has a chance to take the leg when Taylor misses 3 at d16. Whitlock takes the leg against the throw.
level 1-1

leg 3
Both players scoring well in this leg.
Whitlock hits the ton finish to hold his throw and take the leg.
Whitlock 2-1

Leg 4
Avg so far
Taylor 110
Whitlock 104
Both players open with 180's but Taylor holds his throw and takes the leg.
level 2-2

Leg 5
Taylor wanted 167 for the leg and leaves 25, but Whitlock can't finish and Taylor takes the leg.
Taylor 3-2

Leg 6
Taylor opens with 180 and scores well enough to take the leg
Taylor 4-2

leg 7
Taylor is scoring well and will have first look at a double.
Taylor takes the leg.
Taylor 5-2

Leg 8
Taylor hold the scoring advantage, but a 180 from Whitlock leaves 77, Taylor wants 112 and leaves 40. Whitlock steps up to break the throw.
Taylor 5-3

Leg 9
Whitlock to throw first. A Whitlock 180 leaves 136. Taylor scores well ant leaves 56. Taylor leaves 20 and Whitlock wants 78, but leaves 40. Taylor hits the d10 first dart to break back.
Taylor 6-3

Leg 10
Avg so far
Taylor 105
Whitlock 100
Whitlock wanted 70 for the leg, but left 16,
Taylor burst his throw!
Whitlock takes the leg against the throw.
Taylor 6-4

Leg 11
Whitlock had first look at a double and leaves 16.
Taylor leaves 32.
Whitlock takes the leg.
Taylor 6-5

Leg 12
Taylor to throw first, but Whitlock is scoring well and is keeping the pressure on Taylor.
Whitlock on 163 Taylor wants 130 and leaves 32
Whitlock leaves 103
Taylor takes the leg.
Taylor 7-5

Leg 13
Whitlock to throw first.
Taylor's 180 leaves 281
Whitlock 140 leaves 201
Whitlock wants 99 and leaves 32
Taylor want 51 and gets it to take the leg and the match
Taylor 8-5

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