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Thursday, March 24, 2011

#darts Adrian Lewis v Terry Jenkins wk 7 Premier League

leg 1
Lewis to throw first
Lewis 140, 121, 121, 77
Jenkins 123, 100, 140 needs 138 and leaves 58
Lewis wants 40 and gets it first dart.
Lewis 1-0

Leg 2
Jenkins 100, 100, 41, 60, 140
Lewis 57, 80, 100, 41, 180
Jenkins wants 60 and gets it.
level 1-1

leg 3
Both hitting the lows and highs of scoring in this leg, but Lewis will see the double first.
Lewis wants 80 leaves 20
Jenkins wants 132 and leaves 25
Lewis back to take it.
Lewis 2-1

Leg 4
strong scoring by both players in this leg
Jenkins leaves 40
Lewis leaves 32
Jenkins back to take the leg.
level 2-2

leg 5
Jenkins 180, 60, 123, wants 138 and leaves 40
Lewis scoring well, but will be lucky to get a shot at it.
Lewis wants 142 leaves 11
Jenkins breaks the throw and takes the leg
Jenkins 3-2

leg 6
Level scoring by both and Jenkins should get first shot at a double, but Lewis wants 101 and takes it out to break back and level the match.
at the break - Level 3-3

leg 7
Lewis wants 119 leaves 25
Jenkins wants 97 leaves 40
Lewis takes it.
Lewis 4-3

leg 8
a 180 by Jenkins
a 180 by Lewis will give him first look at a double. Lewis wants the bull but it's off the wire to the floor to leave 50.
Jenkins cant finish.
Lewis takes the leg
Lewis 5-3

leg 9
180 by Lewis helps his start his leg very strong.
Lewis coasts in to take the leg
Lewis 6-3

leg 10
Jenkins has been throwing at least one errant dart a turn, or so it would seem, but he holds on to take the leg.
Lewis 6-4

leg 11
fairly level scoring in this leg, but Jenkins has a chance to steal it...
both having double trouble, but Jenkins steps up to take the leg against the throw.
Lewis 6-5

leg 12
erratic scoring in this leg by both so far, but Jenkins wants 86 and leaves 32. Lewis could not finish and Jenkins is back to take the leg.
level 6-6

leg 13
Lewis is only just holding his advantage and under pressure from Jenkins he takes the leg.
Lewis 7-6

leg 14
Jenkins looking for the draw with the throw 180 set him off to a good start.
wants 20 with Lewis on 170.
Jenkins shoots miss, s10, d5 to give us the first draw of the Premier Leauge.,,10180,00.html

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