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Thursday, March 24, 2011

#darts Raymond van Barneveld v Gary Anderson wk 7 Premier League

leg 1
van Barneveld to throw first
van Barneveld 140, 100, 105 wants 156 leaves 18. now double trouble
134, 140, 191
Aderson has double trouble also, but takes the leg against the throw.
Anderson 1-0

leg 2
Anderson scoring well enough to hold his scoring advantage and should see the double first.
Anderson takes the leg.
Anderson 2-0

leg 3
van Barneveld has good scoring but Anderson is doing his best to apply pressure.
van Barneveld holds on to take the leg.
Anderson 2-1

leg 4
Anderson had a clear advantage, but van Barneveld applies pressure with a strong score to take 164 down to 24, and Anderson can't hit 40 and leaves 5. Barney hits the d12 on 2nd dart.
level 2-2

leg 5
van Barneveld scores well and take the leg with no pressure from Anderson.
van Barneveld 3-2

leg 6
Strong scoring by both in this leg and with van Barneveld waiting on 90 Anderson takes out 121; s20, t17, bull.
at the break - level 3-3

leg 8
van Barneveld 180, 100, 100,
Anderson 59, 46, 60, 180 leaves 156
van Barneveld 121 leaves 74 and comes back to take the leg.
van Barneveld 4-3

leg 9
Strong scoring from van Barneveld takes the scoring advantage from Anderson.
Anderon on 63, but van Barneveld takes out 36
van Barneveld 5-3

leg 10
van Barneveld scoring well and extending his advantage. Anderson is not finding the mark in this leg.
Anderson on 240, but van Barneveld wants 36 and gets it.
van Barneveld 6-3

leg 11
Anderson finding his targets in this leg and is holding his scoring advantage.
van Barneveld waiting on 125, but Anderson takes out 40.
van Barneveld 6-4

leg 12
van Barneveld 100, 140,  91,  134 leaves 41
Anderson 180, 140, 100, wants 81 and gets it!
van Barneveld 6-5

leg 13
strong scoring by both in this leg, but a 140 by van Barneveld gives him an advantage.
Anderson wants 120 and leaves 67 (Anderson block the bed with a s20 and attempt to go bull bull for the leg win.)
van Barneveld wants 59 and takes it against the throw.
van Barneveld 7-5

leg 14
Again we have strong scoring from both in this leg, but van Barneveld takes the leg and the match.
van Barneveld 8-5,,10180,00.html
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