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Thursday, April 21, 2011

James Wade v Mark Webster Premier League #darts Week 11 April 21 - N.I.A., Birmingham

James Wade v Mark Webster
Wade comes into this match after a strong performance last week, and has hopes of setting himself up for the playoffs. Webster has not been playing well in the Premier League (6 consecutive defeats to this point), but he did beat Wade 8-3 in the Premier League opener.

leg 1
Wade to throw first..
Wade shanghais the 20s to take the leg.
Wade 1-0

leg 2
Wade takes out 110 for a leg against the throw.
Wade 2-0

leg 3
Wade wants 116 for the leg leaves 18, but comes back to take the leg.
Wade 3-0

leg 4
Wade hits the first 180 of the match to put pressure
Webster wants 164 leaves 25
Wade back to take out 58
Wade 4-0

leg 5
Wade wants 164 and leaves 25
Webster hits his first 180 of the match, but Wade is back to take out 25.
Wade 5-0

leg 6
Wade wants 170 for the leg, and its t20, t20 and just sneaks it into the bull for the leg.
Wade is really on it in this match while Webster lacks consistent firepower to make it much of a contest to this point. Webster will have to dig deep to pull this one back from being a total route or worse.
Wade 6-0

leg 7
Webster to throw first...
Webster opens with 180 but erratic scoring from there, but holds on to take the leg and prevent the whitewash
Wade 6-1

leg 8
Wade takes the leg
Wade 7-1

leg 9
Wade was very efficient in this leg, and in the match,  with scoring and finishing.
Wade was 8 of 11 on the doubles for the match.
Wade takes the leg and the match
Wade 8-1,,10180~2294625,00.html
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