Southern California Darters,
Sharing some sad news. It appears that Winnie Outcalt, Carolyn Stone, and Nick Spare all passed away recently. All of them played darts for many years in Southern California, and the extended Los Angeles basin. If you did or did not know them, please think of their families and loved ones.
Charles Bradish

From: kayla
Subject: can you pass this please...

Hi all,
Here is a link to Winnie’s Guest Book:
This link may take you to her obit on the Daily Breeze web site, or it may just take to you the search page, where you can search by her last name (Outcalt).
And, in case you had not heard, Carolyn Stone, who played darts with her husband Cliff and most often with Marty Brittingham, out of the Scarlet Lady, also passed away this week. Her service was also held today.
And, just so you aren’t waiting for the “third shoe” to drop, Nick Spare, whom Marty moved back East to be closer to, along with his family, died last week in his sleep of an apparent heart attack.
I feel like I should insert some off-color joke here so you know it’s really me. I don’t usually deliver such sad news.
Hope all is well.

From: Kelly, Kim A
Sent: Friday, August 07, 2009 10:23 AM
Subject: Winnie
Hi everyone,
I found out last night that Winnie had passed away. Winnie was a member of the Moonspinners for many years. She had successfully battled breast cancer in the past but lost the current battle with spinal cancer. Phil, Rose, Gerry, Lill and I had lunch with her a few months ago. She was in good spirits despite everything she was going through. We will truly miss her……….
Kim Kelly