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Monday, May 10, 2010

from the email stack... The old-timers’ dart reunion is coming up fast


Craig D.

The old-timers’ dart reunion is coming up fast—just two weeks from now!

So if you haven’t already decided whether to come, now’s the time to make up your mind. The first notice for this went out on Jan. 10 in the hopes that May 22 would become a red-letter day on your calendar and other events could be planned around it.

The reunion is set for Saturday, May 22 from noon-closing at Paddy O’s Pub (formerly Looney’s) in Torrance. And if you think you’ll just catch up at next year’s Las Vegas Open, that tournament will no longer take place since both Tom and Della Fleetwood have passed away. Crew members were advised of this recently by Alex Casillas, who was a long-standing partner in the tournament.

I’ve had more than 100 people say they will be there, so don’t miss this opportunity to mingle with old friends and maybe even make some new friends. There are some folks coming from great distances, so if you’re in Southern California it might be worth making just a short trek down a freeway or two for the day.

If you have not emailed me in the last two weeks about the reunion, then please confirm whether or not you’ll be there and whether you’re bringing along a significant other, wife, husband, kid, or whoever. That way Vicki Williams will have the right amount of food—and beer—for the masses!

Bring photos of your younger self (and your pals), wear a dart shirt if you can, bring memorabilia, darts, patches and pins for trading or whatever you can find from the good ol’ days! There will be prizes!

And forward this letter to anyone who qualifies as an old-timer (those who played darts prior to 2000) who may not already be aware of the event.

See you there!



Paddy O’s

20320 S. Western Ave.

Torrance, CA 90501

(310) 787-8433

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