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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Professional Game | Game On! Donny Joe #darts blog

There's a lot of discussion of what it will take to improve the status of darts in North America going on almost everywhere these days, including endless chatter on facebook about it, and I'm sure that any of you that want to jump into the discussion can do so in your own way. Donny Joe has a go at it on his "Game On" blog so stop by and take in his opinion:

I’ve been reading a number of different threads from Facebook related to the state of steel tip darts in America. No, I don’t have a Facebook account, but I have friends who copy and send me threads on topics that may interest me. Many of the threads that I’ve read lately contain passionate, and sometimes heated, conversations regarding what needs to change, the reasons for change, the people who would benefit from the change, how to instigate change, how to implement the change, etc. While the opinions and reasons vary, most people are ready for a change. In my opinion, there are two key changes that need to occur first. Once these changes are made, the direction of future changes becomes clearer and easier.

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The Professional Game | Game On!
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