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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stay sharp with these darts tips - support #darts articles!

Please have a look at this article on yahoo sports and post a comment, let's support articles about darts! If you don't have a yahoo account, it only takes minutes to create one.... while you are at it join the darttournaments yahoo group!

Played well, darts is a graceful, fluid,
effortless-looking sport. Put a dart in the hands of a good player and
it looks like the easiest thing in the world.
Try it for yourself, however, and you'll find out that it takes a
great deal of skill to nail bullseyes — or the board itself, for that
matter. Darts wobble, hit the wires, and bounce off the board for no
clear reason. If you're playing in public - the local pub, for instance
--  getting the basics down can be an embarrassing process. Save
yourself some frustration: follow these pointers and you'll be be, well
not nailing bullseyes, but doing a fair share better than the amateurs
around you.

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