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Monday, April 02, 2012

BBQ Pot Luck Benefit for Loree - Dolphin Lounge #darts

Hi, I know this is short notice but I would really appreciate it if you could please pass this around and try to make it out on Saturday.. Loree is a great person. This is at her bar which is where we have many of our dart tournaments, she also happens to be a fellow Moonspinner. Please come out and help her & the bar when she needs it most. It would mean so much to have your support..

Thanks lots, Kim L

SATURDAY, APRIL 7th 2012 @ 2PM
(714) 826-7690

Everyone knows Loree Clark, the owner of the Dolphin Lounge, and if you don't, you should. She's is a great lady, always fun to be around and does everything possible to support darts in Orange County. Well she fell and broke her hip a few weeks ago and we want to do something to help her out. If you guys want to play darts at the Dolphin or just want the option of continuing to have a great dart bar (6 soft tip boards & 5 steel tip boards) you will come down and join us on April 7th and bring a friend. Great food, great drinks, good music and excellent darts all day and night

Come down and bring friends to help Loree in this very difficult time in her life. We are going to BBQ and you can bring your favorite side dish. We are going to try and get her out for a short visit with everyone so be there and show her how much she is loved and supported. There will be soft tip dart tournaments throughout the day & night. Raffles & music & fun!!!!
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