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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

#darts - VCDA Open Local Qualifier tonight at the Benchwarmer - 6/4/13 at 7pm

I understand that many ADO leagues don't hold open qualifiers, but in hopes of growing the league and providing opportunity for area players the VCDA conducts Open Local ADO qualifiers regularly. It's something that most leagues should consider, not saying they would have to do a lot of them, but a few each year would help raise the competitive edge of players in the league. Just think of it, wouldn’t you spend $10 a session or so for any other type of lessons, if you don’t see yourself as competitive, think of qualifiers as Darts Boot camp!

VCDA Open Local ADO Qualifiers
From facebook: We hope to have a good turn out for our Open ADO Qualifier at the Bench Warmer on Tuesday night at 7:30 pm (entry fee $10). Our goal is to qualify two men and two women to go to the National / Regional Qualifier at the Dirty Bull on Sunday, June 9th. We are already sending 3 men, so come out and help us send a total of 5 men and 2 women. See you at the Bench. Post or message with any questions that you may have. link: Visit for regular ADO qualifier information!

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