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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Ann Kramer's Facebook post from 2011

Is this something that can be done to grow the sport of Darts in North America? The CDC is a good start, but we must do more to grow! Follow Ann Kramer on facebook or on her blog at
This is an idea presented in one of the groups discussing how to move darts forward and I wanted to share, to gather thoughts and feedback from everyone out there on what they think, whether good or bad, on such an idea. Obviously with the size of this country, it would have to be more regional that national, but give it a read and share your thoughts and then ask your friends to share their thoughts too. "So a DPAA (Dart Players Assoc of Amer) is formed (not formed yet) with 300 members @ $50 per year membership. You now have $15,000 in the bank. Points are awarded to all members at ADO sanctioned tournaments of $15,000+ in the following events: Pro Shoots - Mens & Ladies singles - Mens & Ladies Doubles in both 01 & cricket. 10 pts for a 1st place, 7 pts for 2nd, 5pts for top 4, 2 pts for top 8 in the events above.... FOUR $25,000+ tournaments are selected by the board of DPAA each year and the TOP 4 players in the point standings are handed a check at the 1st one for $1,000 each to cover their expenses at that tournament. At that point those 4 players points revert to ZERO and they start accumulating points again. Every other member retains their point total and continue to add to it. At the 2nd selected tournament the TOP 4 in the point standings receive $1,000 and their points revert to zero. AND SO IT GOES ON AND ON AND ON."

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