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Friday, November 04, 2005

Some fun Dart facts

Along with the link to National Darts Hall of Fame (more on the NDHoF in a future post) I've gotten some good information and fun links that point to darts accomplishments and records. I hope that at some point these items get much more recognition. Granted that some items where not accomplished during sanctioned matches or tourneys, but it must be said that it's fun to see some of the ways that darts have been showcased!

Some fun Dart facts (from the dart dog site):

Most titles
Eric Bristow (born 25th April 1957)
World Professional Championship 5 times
News of the World
World Masters 5 times
World Cup singles 4 times
John lowe is the only other person to have won all four world titles
3 World titles, 2 World Masters, 2 World Cup singles, News of the World

World Cup
England hold the record of seven world titles
John Lowe and Eric Bristow played on all seven occasions

Record Prize
John Lowe won £102,000 for the first televised nine dart game on 13th October 1984 inSlough, England.

Speed Records
The fastest time for three legs of 301, finishing on doubles is 1min 38 sec by Ritchie Gardner on 12th Sept 1989

Scoring Records
24 Hour

Men (8 players) 1,722,249
Women (8 players) 744,439
Individual 566,175 Russell Locke
Bulls &25s (8 players) 526,750
10 Hour
Most Trebles 3056 Paul Taylor
Most Doubles 3265 Paul Taylor
Highest Score 465,919 Jon Archer
Bulls (individual) 1320 by John Lowe at the Unicorn Tavern, Chesterfield Derbys.
6 Hour
Men 210,172 Russel Locke
Women 99,725 Karen Knightly
Million and One Up
Men (8 players) 36,583 darts
Women (8 players) 70,019 darts "
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