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Friday, October 16, 2009

17th WDF GENERAL MEETING – Wednesday 23rd September 2009 – Charlotte, N.C. U.S.A.

Summary of the main issues debated/resolved in the meeting.

1. The existing Executive Officers were all re-elected unopposed.


President, Mr. Roy Price, {Norway}
Vice-President, Mr. Kelvin James, {Australia}
Secretary-General, Mr. Olly Croft OBE, {England}
Treasurer, Mrs. Della Fleetwood, {U.S.A.}
Co-ordinator, Mr. Dave Alderman, {Wales} .

A new Communications Officer, Mrs. Sabine Shanahan, {Germany} was also elected unopposed.

2. The extended matchplay introduced into the final stages of all events in the WDF World Cup
was approved unanimously and has been included in the updated Rules & Playing Format for
the Cup.

3. An application for WDF Membership made by POLAND was approved unanimously.

4. Information on future WDF Cups that was declared in the meeting.

2010 WDF Americas Cup – 9/11th July - Jamaica

2010 WDF Europe Cup - 13/16th October - Antalya, TURKEY

2010 WDF Asia/Pacific Cup – 3/6th November - Tokyo

2011 WDF World Cup – Castle Bar, Co. Mayo, Republic of Ireland – date to be advised.

2012 WDF Europe Cup – Germany – date and location to be advised

2013 WDF World Cup – St. Johns, Newfoundland, Canada. – date to be advised.

5. A Remit submitted by AUSTRALIA was adopted by the meeting. Increasing the women’s team in the WDF World Cup from two to four players – the WDF Executive was directed to examine the affect on the scheduling of each discipline in the Cup and to advise members on its future

Dave Alderman

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