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Monday, October 12, 2009

from the email stack... 4th Annual San Diego Memorial Steel Tip Dart Tournament

Download the .doc file of the flier by clicking this link

Hi Darters,

Please join us this year for our 4th Annual San Diego Memorial Steel Tip Dart Tournament. The Tournament will be held 3 days this year, with a blind draw on Friday, November 6th , 7:30 pm. The blind draw pays out 90% of all entry fees. The tournament also pays $6,000 guaranteed, which is up from last year’s event. The $6 K does not include the blind draw.

This year we will also offer a full bar, above and beyond beer and wine. Please help us to keep all drinking within the hall, since this is a primary way for the tournament to make money to pay prizes and sustain the tournament for next year. We ask that people do not drink in the parking lot, nor bring drinks into the hall.


Charles Bradish

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