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Monday, October 11, 2010

2010 #Darts Clan Challenge

This past weekend we held our Gold Coast Shootout III Dart Tournament, and one of our latest ideas, the Highland Games Darts Clan Challenge,  got a little press in the local newspaper.

Clans vie at darts

This year the Ventura County Dart Association, which is presenting Gold Coast Shootout III in conjunction with the Highland Games, has added the Darts Clan Challenge. The 70 clans that have gathered for the games are invited to form three-person dart-throwing teams to earn awards and bragging rights.

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Our tournament is part of the Seaside Highland Games so the event is geared towards drawing non-dart players into the Dart Hall, helping them to understand more about the game of darts, and get them to compete.

Clan Blair won the first "Darts Clan Challenge" and will be listed on the perpetual plaque.
2nd Clan MacLaren
3rd Clan Douglas

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