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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

#darts Power vs. Pieman World Grand Prix
Wednesday October 6
Second Round - 6pm start
Wayne Jones 3-0 Steve Brown
Terry Jenkins 2-3 Adrian Lewis
Phil Taylor 3-0 Andy Smith
Gary Anderson 3-2 Kevin Painter
Best of five sets,,10180~2176165,00.html World Grand Prix
Tuesday October 5
First Round
Dennis Priestley 0-2 Andy Hamilton
Denis Ovens 0-2 Mark Walsh
Colin Osborne 2-1 Co Stompe
Colin Lloyd 0-2 Wes Newton
James Wade 2-0 Mick McGowan
Raymond van Barneveld 2-0 John MaGowan
Simon Whitlock 2-0 Paul Nicholson
William O'Connor 0-2 Barrie Bates,,10180~2175060,00.html

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