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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Diary of a (slightly annoyed) #Darts Player! - Other Sports - Sussex Express

POLITICS... I’m not a fan! But we are lucky enough to live in a place that gives everyone the right to do what they want, just so long as they don’t break any rules, writes Andy Relf.

You are probably thinking I’ve lost the plot here somewhat, but don’t worry, I haven’t.

Actually I’m still the same person that I’ve always been... I don’t think that I’ve changed much over the years, and I’m happy that I’ve got a great wide circle of friends.

What has this got to do with darts? I started out back in the early 1990’s playing in the local leagues with my friends, and my nature led me to wanting to try to see just how far I can take it – I think they call it ambition!

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Diary of a (slightly annoyed) Darts Player! - Other Sports - Sussex Express

Friday 13 May 2011 00:36

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