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Friday, June 03, 2011

#darts UK Open r3- final and r5 draw

There were great matches today with some surprise results. Great performances in many of the matches...

Main Stage
Co Stompe 9-7 Simon Whitlock
Raymond van Barneveld 9-5 Steve Brown
Phil Taylor 9-3 Mark Frost
Terry Jenkins 9-7 Adrian Lewis
Richie Burnett 9-7 Colin Lloyd

Board Two
Mark Walsh 9-5 Mervyn King
Gary Anderson 9-4 Ian White
John Part 9-2 Roland Scholten

Board Three
Kirk Shepherd 9-6 Darren Johnson
Dave Chisnall 9-2 Richard North
John Bowles 9-7 Justin Pipe
Robert Thornton 9-6 Wayne Atwood

Board Four
Andrew Gilding 9-6 Andy Hamilton
Mark Hylton 9-0 Andy Jenkins
Wes Newton 9-3 John Henderson
Colin Osborne 9-4 Mark Jones

Board Five
Michael Smith 9-2 Sam Hill
Denis Ovens 9-4 Kevin Painter
Andy Boulton 9-7 Vincent van der Voort
Joe Murnan 9-8 Mark Dudbridge

Board Six
Reece Robinson 9-8 Wayne Jones
Joe Cullen 9-8 Stuart Monaghan
Dennis Priestley 9-7 Alan Tabern
Matthew Edgar 9-6 Martyn Turner

Board Seven
Mark Webster 9-5 Tony Eccles
James Wade 9-2 Michael Mansell
Michael van Gerwen 9-2 Richie Howson
Steve Beaton 9-2 Jamie Caven

Board Eight
Ronnie Baxter 9-6 Steve Maish
Peter Wright 9-1 Peter Hudson
Paul Nicholson 9-3 Graham Hollis
Andy Smith 9-4 Paul Harvey

Fourth Round Draw
Richie Burnett v Joe Murnan
Paul Nicholson v Gary Anderson
Mark Hylton v Andrew Gilding
Denis Ovens v Mark Walsh
Michael van Gerwen v Wes Newton
Dennis Priestley v Phil Taylor
Robert Thornton v John Part
Michael Smith v Raymond van Barneveld
Mark Webster v Co Stompe
Matthew Edgar v Andy Boulton
Steve Beaton v John Bowles
Terry Jenkins v James Wade
Joe Cullen v Peter Wright
Dave Chisnall v Ronnie Baxter
Andy Smith v Reece Robinson
Colin Osborne v Kirk Shepherd

details at:,,10180~2371416,00.html

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