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Thursday, June 30, 2011

MLD Local | Major League #Darts

Want to host a MLD local event?

Anyone can run a MLD local event! Any city, any country, any venue

  • Limited fields, based on the number of boards available (3-10)
  • 1 day event
  • Smaller entry fee ($50 or £30-35 or €50)
  • Seeded using the current MLD ranking system (DBB for 2011)
  • Assigned Chalkers!
  • Same format: round robin, then best of 11 knockout, best of 5 consolation
  • Similar payout percentage schedule
  • NOT scheduled on the same day as a MLD Tour Stop event. MLD Local | Major League Darts

What is the purpose of the MLD?

a. To create the next North American world darts champion

2. How is the MLD different from other tournaments?

a. Long format, 501 singles events (no cricket)

b. High entry fees with high payouts and tournament pre-registration

c. Play begins with seeded round robin groups

d. Players advance from round robin play into either main event or consolation even which is a single elimination bracket match format

e. Main event is best of 11, Consolation event is best of 5

f. Main and Consolation events are seeded

g. All matches have assigned chalkers

h. Players accumulate points which go towards seeding for future MLD events

3. Long term vision

a. Provide a series of events for aspiring North American dart players to gain experience in long format 501 matches

b. Become a feeder system which provides North American dart players to PDC championship events.

MLD Local | Major League Darts

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