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Saturday, October 08, 2011

#darts Saturday Oct. 8th Gold Shootout IV results:

Saturday Oct. 8th Gold Shootout results:
501 Draw Doubles
1st Dan Santos and Dan Daugherty
2nd  Simon McDade and Chris Lim
T-4 Paolo Cleofe and Eric Zarlangc
T-4 Paul Behl and Andrew Bennett

Men 501 Singles
1st Nico Depaynos
2nd Devo Madrigal
T-4 Dan Santos
T-4 Jess Setello

Women 501 Singles
1st Anne Kramer
2nd Felicia Kenton
T-4 Nicole Lenninger
T-4 Rayln Williams

Open Cricket Doubles
1st Jose Bolonio and Dan Santos
2nd Andrew Bennet and John Denich
T-4 Eric Zarlangc and Dan Daugherty
T-4 Paolo Cleofe and Nico Depanyos

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