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Sunday, October 23, 2011

John Lowe USA Exhibition information #darts

In the So. Cal. area the John Lowe Exhibition Events will take place Dec. 9-11. Details will be posted soon! Clear your calendar so you will have the opportunity to take part in this EVENT!

In the MMDL
Friday, December 16 · 7:30pm - 11:00pm

Local 103 IBEW Fuction Hall
256 Freeport St
Boston, MA

Minute Man Dart League invites all dart players to An Evening with 3 X World Champion John Lowe. Mr. Lowe will be traveling across the United States on tour in December. Come join us for a chance to play darts against John. There will be raffles drawn the night of the event to play Mr. Lowe along with other chances to play via 4 Local Luck of the Draws.

One Luck of the Draw in the 4 MMDL areas has been given a chance to play John Lowe on December 16th.

North: The Franco American Luck of Draw every Friday night.
South: The Abington Polish Club Luck of the Draw every Friday night.
Central: The Lazy Dog Marlboro. (Special event October 23rd to determine winner)
Boston: To Be Announced Soon....

Plus the Spring 501 Mens Gold and Ladies Pink Champions, Fall 2011 Cricket Mens Gold and Ladies Pink Champions will face Mr. Lowe

There will also be raffles the night of the event to have a chance to play Mr. Lowe.

This event is open to all. Entry to the event is FREE


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