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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

#Darts Around the World podcast will headline a PDC North America Tour round table

 podcast on Wed. Jan. 25th which will be posted on itunes on Thursday Jan. 26th. This is your chance to here what plans are in the works for PDC in North America. Will there be a question and answer section of the podcast on the proposed tour? Can't say just yet, but one might want to head on over to and join in the discussion soon to make sure you have an idea about what's being said by your darting peers.

MLD would like to announce that the winner of each MLD Local* will receive an entry into one PDC North American Tour Event in 2012 (2013 event if MLD event is after the last PDC event in 2012).
*MLD Local must have a minimum of 32 players to qualify for the free entry spot


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