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Friday, June 29, 2012

#darts Let's support youth darts, Ron Wilcox asks for your help

Ron writes:
For those who havent seen it plastered on FB, here's the scoop:
My son steven "ringer" Wilcox has been greatfully invited To the Puma Darts international dart camp in Shanghai China at the end July till the 8th of August.
This is a week of darts and exploring Chinese culture.
Steven is one of only 10 youth players world wide chosen for this event, and thanks goes out to Chris White for the invite.
They will be promoting youth darts have training sessions with the likes of Scotty Burnett, and playing a few tournaments.
While there they also get a tour of the Chinese museum of natural history, visit the shanghai expo, and take a trip on the pujaine (sp?) river.
This camp for a young dart player is a once in a life time chance.
All cost are covered with exception of the airfare. When he books his flight, after he lands in shanghai, 1/2 the airfare is returned to him.
So, with all that said, we're trying to raise $3000 in three weeks to allow Steven the chance to do this.
Anyone that donates, Will receive 1/2 their donation back when he returns...we just have to pay full upfront first.
We are currently setting up an account and a PayPal donation account for anyone wanting to help out.
I'm currently working on having Steven fly out of Detroit, to Sacramento Cali, meeting up with either Chris white or Scotty Burnett, and then flying from there to shanghai.....

Email me at dartfan180 at hotmail dot con
Or even call 226-236-0986
We have very limited time to raise this amount, any amount is helpfull....

Let's make this happen!
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