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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

#darts #dartslive My ride with Irete… or Darts Maddness...

while spending an exciting weekend at the first Dartslive Super League Fiesta at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, I ran into friend and Darts Promoter L. David Irete, it's not like I didn't know he would be there... He is the guy that is media production for darts in the U. S. of A. WITH a very extensive history of recording darts events for your viewing pleasure; he also does some impressive videos to promote dart events. As most of you know, not only does Irete have an impressive resume with darts events, but L. David Irete (IMDB link) is also the top video production guy on Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! So what do you talk about with a guy like that on a five hour drive from Las Vegas to Ventura County? Well of course it has to be darts!
The number one topic on the list was the Dartslive event that just concluded on Sunday night, the future of Dartslive and some things that could help improve all things darts for the future. Granted that much of what's been discussed, was just wild "What if ideas...." being discussed by a couple of guy’s obsessed with darts, who have been around darts in it's glory days, and who want everyone to take a few moments to objectively look at the game of darts, and see if they can come up with ways to effectively collaborate on build darts in a sustainable way. 
First off let it be said that this conversation was not about comparing steel and soft, or we were not trying to say which is best for the future of the game. It was more about brainstorming. Let me say first off that Rob Heckman. his staff and volunteers did a masterful job of putting on the first super league darts fiesta!

Now that the stage has been set it's time to talk about the ride from LA to Ventura County....

The big question I had when we hit the road was, when and where will we see the pictures and video from the event.

Pictures were being posted on facebook on the Dartslive page, and by Irete on his facebook page. In the future you will see more photo's and video show up on the Dartslive website to tell the story of Dartslive and Dartslive players at the Fiesta. That question answered we went on with ideas and imaginations about the future of darts in many different forms.

If you talked darts with Irete for the six hours it takes to drive from Las Vegas to Ventura you might cover some of the same topics that we hit on. So in no particular order here it is.

Can Dartslive bring back the "Golden Age of Darts" in North America? We really think it can because it caters to the grassroots darter, and it gives every player the chance to play darts or compete on their terms / skill level. If you just want to hangout for a casual game of darts you can do it with Dartslive, you can also choose to play in an in-house league, or in the Dartslive Super League. You can find your own level of competition, or social play with Dartslive and you can do it locally or internationally.

Can steel-tip darts benefit from Dartslive coming onto the scene? We were sure that it could if, steel-tip & soft-tip players don't become too entrenched in the us against them attitude which has pervaded the darts scene all across the continent. There can be crossover to great benefit both types of players. Many steel-tippers could benefit from the repetition of throwing at the bull, and gain strategic benefit from throw at the bull, when setting up a finishing double or hitting the bull for a win. Soft-tippers could improve accuracy and alternative finishes by playing steel-tip. Steel tippers could learn that pounding the points in cricket, can be a benefit or a curse when it comes to pace and tempo of the game.

Could the Super League Fiesta have been better? Maybe... yes it was great fun, with a fantastic atmosphere, but it's always good to imagine about what could be greater... so we talked about ways to add to the experience.

...What if DAY ONE of the Fiesta was more of a social and fun darts day? Could it be possible to highlight the other games on the Dartslive machines and have little "Ballon Pop" and "Survivor" comptetitions to help the players get to know one another, and educate everyone about all of the features of the Dartslive machine? Could there be a Touch Live competition? Maybe win a chance to hang out in the Dartslive Skybox for a while?

...What if DAY ONE had more of a "trade show / darts convention / street fair / block party" feel? An event where there would be major event sponsor booths talking about and doing product demonstrations. There could be sponsored players on hand to meet and greet the players attending the event.

...  What if there was a party feel to day one with a DJ and or live music?
Not that would really be a party / fiesta feel.

.... What if the Dart Pros and Sponsored players we giving darts clinics on techniques and strategies? Everybody could use a little help with there game, and what a better place to find it, and top players could develop a following and fans. (Darts needs a fan base that knows the players. )

... What if there was someone on hand to help you setup your dart to be the most efficient for your throw?  Regardless of which darts products you use it would be good to have your darts setup for optimal performance… of course each product sponsor could offer the same service.

... What if there were prize giveaways by sponsors, the hotel (room comps), resort getaways? It would be just another way of encouraging players to come out to the Fiesta regardless of if they are competing. Folks love to win stuff, and it might be a way to engage new sponsors for the event.

... and what if you could be the Next Dartslive Design Star?  There could be a Dartslive Designers Challenge to come up with ideas for a line of Dartslive darts clothing? Designs and clothing you would like instead of just T-shirts. I’m guess I’m saying there is room for style in darts!

This just scratches the surface of the ideas put up for consideration... watch for more in the coming days, and be sure to post your feedback and ideas in the comments section.

More of “My ride with Irete…” to come, chat soon Darttalker

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