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Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Where you there? #darts #DARTSLIVE SUPER LEAGUE Season I FIESTA!

A great event that was great fun, and full of good sprited competition. It was a good chance to meet new and old friends. It was also a good look at what darts can be in North America! Will Dartslive help darts return to it's "Golden Age" in the USA? Can darts really hit it's peak again on this continent? The DARTSLIVE SUPER LEAGUE Season I FIESTA! gave it a push in the right direction... where you there to help get the party started? Do you have comments about helping to grow the game of darts (soft or steel)? Leave a comment and have your say.... I surely will! Stay tuned for a conversatiton on all things darts with L. David Irete.

see more pics at: Irete's facebook page

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