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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

$15,000 Houston Open, Jun 11-13 #darts

Sheraton Houston Brookhollow
3000 North Loop West
Dart's Rate $83/Night

Tournament Coordinators: Kris Hanson (aka Punkin), Vicki Willis

Tournament Director: Ralph Schomburg

Darts Supplies Supplied By: Ricks Darts & Games, 1-800-835-8385

On Friday Jun 11th, Houston will serve as the host site fore the ADO Masters National finals.

Thursday June 10th. This bar is ~10 minutes away from the Houston Open tournament hotel and it will be packed with players:


Coaches Sports Bar & Grill
17460 NW Freeway
Houston, TX 77040
(713) 466-7773

Thursday, June 10, 2010
Signup open: 8pm
Signup close: 8:30pm
$7 entry
$1,500+ Mystery Out Pot

Arachnid Boards.


You saw that right. $1,500 mystery out!

Over the past few weeks, this event has been consistently drawing over 50+ players. Payout is to top 4 places. First place purse has been averaging about $260.

Format is --- 501Open In/Open Out,Cricket,Choice; Double Elimination, best of 3 in both winners and loser's brackets

First leg starts with a coin flip...coin flip winner starts the first leg.

Loser of first leg starts the 2nd leg of Cricket.

3rd leg tiebreaker starts with a coin flip....winner of this flip gets the option to either.... go first or choose the game (501 or Cricket).

If a male and female are paired together.....the team with the female will go first in the first leg and the female must start the leg.....unless both teams are male/female pairs....then you coin flip to see who starts the first leg....female will always throw first in the first leg.

501 open in and open out. Finish on a triple, double, or single out. Easy peasy lemon!

Split bull in all games....yea, that's right....a split bull, just like the steel game. Which means everybody is gunning for the Triple 20 (not the bull). This format is ideal for experienced steel tip players.

This year will feature an exclusive "finals oche" with IMAG of board and scores displayed on a 50" plasma suspended from a truss structure. That's right folks we are moving into the big time here.

This logo and sponsor loop will include our Tier 3 sponsors and show appreciation to all the sponsors and players that have supported the 2010 Houston Open. Thank you players!!!
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