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Saturday, June 19, 2010

#darts from the email stack... tourney

Some of you may have been to the website lately and seen the new tournaments that I posted as well as the new summer league starting in Santa Maria . Hopefully some of you can make up a 3 man team for the new league and join us. Should be lots of fun!

But the main reason I’m sending this e-mail out today is to let you know that the new big money soft tip tourney in Lompoc is NOT going to be happening tonight or next week. They have some other big event that is not allowing the darts to be happening. It will resume on Saturday night July 3rd. Now if you haven’t been to the website to know what I’m talking about, go to the site and read about it! We are a steel tip league but this tourney is a chance to win some serious cash! $10 buy in pays out $200 guaranteed for first place and pays down to third place. There is no handicap like most soft tip tourneys so this is a chance to go in head to head.

Read about both new tourneys (Steel and soft) as well as the new summer league at

Game on!


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