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Sunday, June 27, 2010

#darts UPDATES from Sunday's PDC US Open Players Championship at the Tropicana Hotel in Las Vegas.

Fourth Round
Phil Taylor 6-3 Nigel Heydon
Mark Walsh 6-2 Mark Hylton
James Wade 6-4 Vincent van der Voort
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Barrie Bates
Jelle Klaasen 6-5 Alan Tabern
Gary Anderson 6-4 Steve Brown
Terry Jenkins 6-4 Darin Young
Denis Ovens 6-4 Steve Hine
Losers £500

Phil Taylor 6-2 Mark Walsh
James Wade 6-5 Adrian Lewis
Jelle Klaasen 6-3 Gary Anderson
Denis Ovens 6-4 Terry Jenkins
Losers £1,000

Phil Taylor 6-1 James Wade
Denis Ovens 6-3 Jelle Klaasen
Losers £1,500

Phil Taylor 6-3 Denis Ovens
Winner £6,000
Runner-Up £3,000

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