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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Austin Freedom Tournament Jul 22-24, 2011 #darts

Report from Donny Joe:
Men's 301 Singles:            Scott Powell

Women's 301 Singles:       Melanie Hargrove

Men's Doubles 501:          Donny Joe/Bill Davis  def.  Max Mena/Daniel Hawkins

Men's Doubles Cricket:      Donny Joe/Bill Davis

Men's Singles 501:            Donny Joe  def.  Max Mena

Men's Singles Cricket:        ?
Mixed Doubles 501:           Stacey Bromberg/Raul 'Moon' Tamez
Mixed Doubles Cricket:       ?
Mixed Triples 601:             ?
Ladies Doubles 501:          Stacey Bromberg/Suzie Hall

Ladies Singles 501:            ?
Ladies Cricket Singles:       Stacey Bromberg
Blind Draw 501:                 ?
Blind Draw Cricket:             ?

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