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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#darts email stack - ADO area 3-1 Summer

Upcoming tournaments and events:
     22-24 July is the Freedom, Tournament, in Austin, TX.  I have attached the flyer.  Please note that the hotel has been gracious and has extended the cut-off for the block until Friday, 15 July. 
If you have any problems, then please e-mail me at this email or at or Jim Walderon  Go ahead and make your reservation and then e-mail one of us the confirmation number and the name on the reservation.
If you wait until the week before the tournament, the block rate may not be available.  But let us know anyway, as we will try to work with you.
    19-21  August is Waco's first 3-day tournament - Hotter than Hell.  It is their first time in a hotel - the Waco Hilton - which is located downtown, by the Brazos River and the historic Waco Bridge (which was the scale model that was built before the actual Brooklyn Bridge). I have attached the flyer.
     The next weekend - 26-28 August is the TSTC (Texas State Team Championship).  It will be held at the Black Gold Bar, in Crowley Texas. You can get information from Chuck Reynolds or from the website
     Two weeks later is the Holiday on the Beach Open (HOBO), down in Corpus Christi.  It will be 9-11 September, at the Holiday Inn Emerald Beach.  Flyer is attached.
     One month later, the Halloween Open will be in Austin, along with the U. S. Team Nationals.  The dates are for 6-9 October. There is a blind draw scheduled for Thursday, as part of the tournament.  Friday, the U.S. Team Nationals will be held, starting that morning, usually around 10 or 11.  For those of you that are playing in the Nationals, please contact me (Elaine Bohls at I will need to know when you are arriving and a valid e-mail address so that I may send you information.  I have attached the tournament flyer.  Also, if you are coming to the Freedom, you can go ahead and make your reservation for the Halloween, that weekend.
Cricket Qualifier Changes for Nationals
     As some of you may already know, the ADO has instituted a new qualifying format for the Cricket Nationals.  The biggest changes are that there can be more than one qualifier per region that goes straight to Nationals, players from other regions may play in any other region's scheduled event, you can play in as many as you want and that each qualifier will be based on raising the $880 and the winner will qualify directly into the Nationals, so entry fee will be $110 per player, basically.  The dates of any qualifier, anywhere, must be posted at least 2 weeks prior to the event, online, and they must be approved through the Regional Director/Area Manager chain.  Chek out the ADO website,, for the information and for updates. Also, check with you Regional Director and/or Area Manager.
  For those of you in Region 3-1 (or in any of you that would consider coming to Region 3-1, to participate), I am looking at running at least three - one in the Houston-Beaumont area, one in the Valley and one in the Austin-San Antonio area.  We may have more, depending upon the participation and the interest, or there may be fewer, again, based upon the participation and the interest. Please give me input as to what you think. I will be working with Area 3 Manager - Chris Helms.

Thanks for coming out and supporting darts and the ADO Youth Scholarship program
Regional Director - 3-1

Attachment: 106k (application/pdf) Copy of 2011 Tournaments - All HONationals2.pdf
Attachment: 150k (application/pdf) Copy of 2011 Tournaments - Freedom .pdf
Attachment: 64k (application/pdf) Copy of Copy of HOBO2011.pdf
Attachment: 141k (application/pdf) Copy of HotterNHellFinal.pdf

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FYI: the ADO Youth Scholarship Memorial Scholarship Fund had its tax-exempt status revoked by the IRS in May 2011 due to not filing tax returns for the previous three years. Detail s about this are posted on the IRS website.

This info is good to know in case anybody is c considering donating and trying to write-off this donation on the 2011 taxes.

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