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Thursday, September 15, 2011

DATW - Robert Heckman #darts

Robert Heckman
Many thanks to John Ronnholm, Evan Waterman at Darts Around The World for doing this interview with me about Dartslive Asia & The World Tournament! We had the honor of having the CEO of Dartslive Asia, Steve Ngu and good friend Paul Lim in for the interview at Dartslive's office in Hong Kong! The interview after MLD's Brian Jackson's interview and starts at minute mark 29:00min! THANKS YOU AGAIN!
Darts Around The World » Episode 46-MLD Darts and DartsLive “The World”
This week’s show was brought to all of you for one reason only and that was to inform you. We packed the show with more information than any other show in the past.

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