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Saturday, September 03, 2011

The Parkhill Youth Fundraiser! #youth #darts

... a message from Rocky:

After a year off from fundraising, the Parkill Youth Darts Fundraiser is back in full tilt. Date booked for October 22/2011 at the Parkhill Legion. This will be singles and blind draw doubles Chicago event!
Again I'm hoping for the great generosity of the dart world out there for a bit of support on this. We have had some great donators in the past from World Champions, to top pros to regular dart players to businesses.

This year we are starting fresh, with a $0. Bank account. Funds raised from this silent auction event during our tourney will go toward team shirts for the kids, dart supplies (as I usually try to supply everything needed for them to enjoy the sport). Also helps pay for some travel we do as a team to many local tourneys. We also have an end of the year banquet for the kids, to show their appreciation and love of the sport, and to show we care and would love to have them back next season (as more and more always do return).

So here's my request to everyone out there, darts, shafts, flights, shirts, novelty items, passes, signed programs, anything and everything that would be good for a silent auction is greatly appreciated. As I stated, we didn't do this last year as we still had a small balance in the account, but this year were starting with zero, so it desperately needed.

We always have a good turnout for this event, usually around 80 players (not bad for only 10 boards), so the more the merrier! No such thing as too small or too big, every penny helps. And as always, the leagues books are always open for anyone to see where the money has went, we are 100 percent NON profit, so every penny raised goes toward the youth players.

If you would like to donate anything, or have questions, please feel free to email me or message me here and I will be happy to reply!

As a side note, in the six years I have been working with the Youth League, I have given away over 40 sets of darts, thousands of shafts and flights, cases, shirts, and supplies, along with making our fundraising totals reach over the $2000.00 mark, every penny going right back to the youth players, so as you can see, this is something close to my heart, and I'm hoping some of you can help make our league bigger and better this year!

We have had a few great donations already come in, Chris White donated two shirts signed, Cosmo darts had John part sign a shirt, bubblez donates a shirt signed by JP, and I bought a dart board last week at the PDC London event and had the players sign the front, so a great start, but still need lots to fill the event up to raise the funds.
Anything and everything helps.....

If you're going to email use this one;

Thanks in advance.

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