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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Demographic Surveys #darts

In light of the recent proliferation of "Demographic Surveys," I was wondering if the ADO has any ongoing efforts to survey it's membership for demographic or any other dart promotion / league building? I'm not sure what type of results previous surveys may have brought about, but with technology being what it is it couldn't be to much of a struggle to conduct a current membership survey.

Prior "survey threads"

MLD Demographics of Dart Players

Major League Darts Major League Darts (MLD) is collecting dart player demographics to present to potential sponsors of MLD and it's events. This information is valuable to the expansion of darts as a sport in North America and your participation is greatly appreciated.

Your information cannot be tracked back to you and will only be used by MLD and it's affiliates and not be sold to anyone else.

Please help us gather this crucial information. Thanks 

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