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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

#darts Southern Ontario Cricket Shootout - Match Report

Well, with only 16 players attending (20 paid), the day went off without a hitch.
Two sections of 8 were set up, top 4 from each section moving on to the knockout rounds. Section “A” seen the likes of Steven Wilcox, Steve Warnock and Judy Smith and Ian Fogarty amoungst others. Battles were close, Steve Warnock dominated the A side fairly easily, but with Ian givinghim the hardest push, and Steven forcing a third game. High pointing games were the specialty of the day, seing many games going over the 500 point mark. Steven Wilcox Derek and Gord all played great, and ended the RR with a tie for the final spot to knockout rounds, forcing a 701 playoff... With all players shooting for that spot, the nerves started, and with each player on a finish , it was anyones game. With each having a shot but missing thier first chance at a double, Gord eventually took X9 to advance, sending Steven and Derek tot he consolation rounds. 

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