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Friday, May 04, 2012

Guinness World Record #darts event this weekend

In January last year a team of eight darts players from the Reading and Wokingham area set a new official Guinness World Record by hitting 1,505 bullseyes in 10 hours.

This weekend a group of players in Texas will attempt to beat the record.

To give our American cousins a bit of friendly competition, the original and current world record holders will be staging their own, unofficial world record event. Both events will start and finish at the same time and abide by the exact same rules.

We had hoped to set up a skype video link between the two events so each could see how their 'opposition' were getting on. Unfortunately though the team in America has not been able to set up the technology on their end. However, I will be posting regular updates on progress to The for anyone interested.

Our event will raise money for The Royal British Legion. If you live in the area, please come along and lend us your support. The venue is the Royal British Legion Club, Woodlward Close, Winnersh, Reading. Alternatively you can make a donation securely online at:

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