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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Global Darts - UK Open Qualifier 7, Birmingham - by Charis

The UK Open Qualifer weekend at the beginning of May in Birmingham was the last chance fort he PDPA players to qualify for the tournament in June in Bolton. So I had decided to travel there and not to miss the opportunity. I had hoped a little bit for some nice spring days in England - well, it was of course spring and most of the time bright sun shine but it was rather cold most of the time. And it was quite cold in the venue too. One didn't notice at the beginning when the hall was full but the more players left the cooler it got and around board 16 there was a distinct draught. I had enough warm cloth with me but it can't have been agreeable for all the players playing in short sleeves. 
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 UK Open Qualifier 8, Birmingham
On Sunday morning after a full English breakfast I decided to explore the canals further and walked along them to the Jewellery Quarter where you can find one jeweller beside the other. There were not many people around on Sunday morning but it was quite interesting to see some nice old houses there. I walked back through the city centre where then all the shops had opened.

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