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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2012 #Darts Prediction Contest is on!

Spread the word! The contest is on! We will be having a contest to predict the winner of the 2012 PDC World Championships!

I'm not sure if we are offering a prize in this contest just yet, but I will post if that changes.

entry info at:
Contest - Predict the winner of the 2012 PDC WDC

The Rules:
1. One entry per registered forum member.
2. You get points for each winning player you pick, points awarded for wins increase as rounds progress.
3. The entrant with the most points at the end of the contest wins.
4. Tie breaker will go to the entrant closet to final score in sets. Second tie breaker, if needed, will be the most correct preliminary match results predictions.
5. All entries are due 9am (PST) 12noon (EST) Thursday December 15th late entries will be discarded.
6. Please enter using the excel file or Google Doc file(be sure not to delete your copy once you send your entry).
7. email entry files

If things work as I hope they will, I will post a copy of everyone's entry.

details at:Contest - Predict the winner of the 2012 PDC WDC

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