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Monday, December 12, 2011

John Lowe in the USA Nov./Dec. #darts

RodmanRodman wrote:
Well, Mr. Lowe contacted me this evening and said that the L.A. leg of his tour was fantastic. Congrats guys on showing him and his wife a great time.

Tomorrow, I pick him up at the airport, then Tuesday at 7:00 pm, his Nashville exhibition officially starts. We're very excited. While I don't expect all the hoopla that was served over the weekend, our league will do its best to ensure that Mr. and Mrs. Lowe have a nice time in Music City.

We feel very honored to have Mr. Lowe make one of his four stops in Nashville.

Thanks for posting the compliment. L. David Irete went all out on this one and it was truly a grand event.

John Lowe in the USA Nov./Dec. ( post link)
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