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Saturday, December 10, 2011

John Lowe Local Exhibition, Live TV quality Live Stream! #darts

Joey Burt gets an autograph from John Lowe.
The John Lowe L.A. Exhibition was a great afternoon of fun, Evan Waterman and Bones (John Ronnholm) from Darts Around the World and L. David Irete of Triple Twenty Productions hosted a wonderful event. This event was streamed live over the internet, and had TV quality productions with multiple cameras and camera operators along with Evan and Bones doing live podcast commentary, Irete producing / directing and Adam 'Thorn' Smith posting updates on facebook and  The results was a Pro Exhibition the likes of which have never been seen before in the US and maybe Canada! On top of all of that, we had some wins by some of our local players who also threw some impressive darts (VCDA league member Joey Burt and Eric Zarlenga and Jose Belonio of LADA). 

The feature match was a best 2 of 3 match with Chris Lim facing John Lowe. John Lowe won the cork, but Chris started with strong scoring and won the leg. John struck back taking the second leg which brought the match to a deciding leg. In this leg John Lowe started strong and was first to the double to take the match. It was a great way to finish a wonderful afternoon of darts! Thanks to John Lowe for treating us all to a wonderful afternoon of darts entertainment! Tomorrow will be the MLD John Lowe open. For anyone interested in keeping track of that MLD event, just look for Thorn's live updates on during the event.

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