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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ADO Chris Helms serioulsly injured in a fall at work! #darts Region 2-2 California

John Lewis wrote: Today (Tuesday Sept. 26, 2012) in a work accident our good friend Christopher Helms, President of the ADO fell and was critically injured. He was life flighted to University Hospital San Antonio where he was operated on for a severe head injury. He is in recovery at this time and will be transferred to the ICU in critical condition. He h
as a skull fracture after falling off of of a second story roof at work today. Anita his wife and other family are at the hospital. He is in a medically induced coma to offer time for recovery. We don't know much more than this except he will be in a coma for several days. As he stabilizes we will have more information. Please share the news as quickly as you can to let all who know and love him know this difficult news.

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Spoke to Anita, last night. She is holding up, but can tell that she needs your thoughts and prayers, too. Today is a big step, as they continue the weaning off of the drugs that have Chris in the induced coma. It is a slow, very monitored process because if it is too quick, he could go into seizures. They will be looking for signs of him recognizing objects and faces, as well as wanting to communicate (the verbal will be difficult due the being on respirator). I have included Charlynn's 11:30pm post.

UPDATE: 11:30 pm Thursday

We are 60 hours into the 72 hour period that is so important with head trauma. Christopher is still listed as Critical, his vital signs are stable.

As explained in the last update, they have started to reduce the level of medications so that he can begin to return to consciousness. This is a delicate process and is done very slowly and deliberately, with constant monitoring to ensure he remains stable.

Continue to lift him up in prayer for a safe return to consciousness, and for his return to full health and happiness.

Understandably, the waiting is the hardest part for all of us, family and friends alike. I know that we (family) have been buoyed up by the out pouring of support and prayer. It is our hope that this community of support also find comfort through the very act of sharing the common hopes and prayers we all have for Chris. God bless each and every one of us as we join together to pray for Chris' full and complete healing.

Rest well all, and thank you again for your support and love.
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