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Sunday, September 02, 2012

#darts #practice A Better Way to Practice

If you really want to be a quality dartplayer you really have to put your time in on the pratice board. Some folks put in hours, while others may not seem to need as much to preform well, but in the end we must find what works for us. This article by violinist Noa Kageyama highlights the importance of the nature and quality of your practice.

A Better Way to Practice
Noa Kageyama   

While it may be true that there are no shortcuts to anywhere worth going, there certainly are ways of needlessly prolonging the journey. We often waste lots of time because nobody ever taught us the most effective and efficient way to practice. Whether it's learning how to code, improving your writing skills, or playing a musical instrument, practicing the right way can mean the difference between good and great.

You have probably heard the old joke about the tourist who asks a cab driver how to get to Carnegie Hall, only to be told: "Practice, practice, practice!"

I began playing the violin at age two, and for as long as I can remember, there was one question which haunted me every day.

Am I practicing enough?
What Do Performers Say?

I scoured books and interviews with great artists, looking for a consensus on practice time that would ease my conscience. I read an interview with Rubinstein, in which he stated that nobody should have to practice more than four hours a day. He explained that if you needed that much time, you probably weren't doing it right.

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