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Friday, May 08, 2009

A seafront stay for top darts player - Dennis Priestley

Published Date: 07 May 2009
By James Hanley
THE Sands complex in Scarborough is preparing to host a special sporting guest next month.
Darts legend Dennis Priestley is heading to the town for a darts exhibition at TKO's sports bar, which is on the site of the old gas board working men's club in Roscoe Street.

Two-time world champion Priestley, 58, of Mexborough, South Yorkshire, is one of the most popular players on the Professional Darts Corporation circuit.

He is due to stay in the Penthouse suite at The Sands from June 19-20.

Director of Escape2Sands Rob Dean said: "The owner of TKO's sports bar, Terry Kaye, got in touch with us to see if we were interested in putting Dennis up during his time in Scarborough and we were more than happy to help. He is a great player and an excellent ambassador for the game." (Story source...)
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